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Ibiza Construction

Once you've decided to purchase real estate, a property or an exclusively situated plot on the beautiful island of Ibiza, you are in desperate need of an architect, a contractor and a  a construction company  to make your specific dreams and wishes come true.

The old fincas and farmhouses on Ibiza all have the characteristic, thick walls, which effectively keep the heat and sun out in the summer months.
You have probably heard that Ibiza once, long ago, was nicknamed - the white island - because the houses were always painted white on the outside.
But do you also know that for centuries the walls pointing to the sea were not painted white, to avoid attracting pirates. These 'seaside' walls were modified with a discreet color.

Centuries ago the Phoenicians came to this island, that mainly consists of limestone, to dig for raw materials to make their famous pottery. They climbed straight from their boats up against the rocks, on ropes and hew pieces of limestone while hanging on their ropes, to use for the fabrication of their pots and vases.

Nowadays the materials needed for bricklaying are still available as a natural resource on the island, such as
limestone, sand and clay.

Construction methods formerly used in the Balearic Islands are very laborious. Large stones were stacked together on a solid edifice.  Inside the houses were often many small rooms and but a few, small windows.
Although the exterior of the houses look very attractive to us northern people, all the planning and work that comes with a transformation or renovation of an old country house, finca or farm, into a contemporary luxury home, is very much and very hard labor.
Therefore you will need the help of local workers who like no other know how to best tackle the problems.

In Ibiza you will find plenty of small business operators and specialist in various fields, that decided to stay on the island over the years. They often work in the tourist industry during the summer months and do construction building and renovations in wintertime.

They can serve in the construction, renovation, decoration and furnishing of your own dream palace.
You can find contractors, as well as masons, painters, tiler, plumbers and electricians and additionally people who assist in the decoration, furnishing and styling of your house.
Unfortunately in 2010 there is hardly any construction going in Ibiza, and there are plenty of recently constructed apartment buildings waiting for a new owner or residents......investors??

Ibiza construction is the guide to finding the right specialist that can do the necessary work for you.
Workers and craftsmen for carrying out construction or renovation work of your property such as architects, engineers, carpenters, painters can be found here for all necessary jobs such as painting and decoration work and to the lay beautiful slabs or tiles selected by you,  but also pool specialists and people who layout, maintain and care for your garden.

Ibiza construction is your guide in finding the right construction refurbishing or reconstruction specialist

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Quality products & workmanship to transform your house inside and out.
Our constructions services in Ibiza incl.: new constructions, external repairs, renovations, roof insulations, painting, tiling, varnishing etc. . 

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