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Ibiza Holiday Rentals

Ibiza Holiday Rentals

Ibiza Holiday Rentals comprise a very wide range of holiday accommodations, spread over the entire island. In all shapes and sizes and to everyone's budget and wishes !
You will find several holiday homes, such as apartments, beach bungalows, BED & BREAKFAST, fincas, country houses, SMALL COUNTRY HOTELS, cottages and villas.
Sometimes located in the bustling nightlife areas and therefore very suitable for people who come for the islands frantic nightlife scene, while other accommodations, situated in quiet, rural surroundings are ideal for people who prefer to enjoy the beautiful scenery and long country walks.

Of course varies every house in the number of rooms, the degree of luxury and extra facilities, but also the environment may prove crucial in determining your choice.
Ibiza boasts incredibly exclusive, luxurious houses, sometimes even with existing music studio, fully equipped gym or fitness room, and available staff, that can make your dream holiday come true.

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Already early in the year 2008 it became clear that the government planned a final halt to the ongoing 'illegal' renting of private houses during tourist season in Ibiza.
The Balearic government acted very strictly and imposed heavy fines on those who failed to comply with the requirements for rental houses.
For 2009 most house owners withdrew their property from the rental agencies which resulted in significant uncertainty for seeking 'Ibiza villa lovers'.
Long-term villa rental however will, also in 2012, still be available throughout the beautiful island of Ibiza. So if you wish to escape from the cold winter in your homeland, take the opportunity to enjoy a winter break to meet a completely different
time in IBIZA displays wonderful green woods and fields filled with flowers in all colors and absolute peace and quiet everywhere. Locals enjoy this time of the year very much and especially in the rural areas they spend much time socializing in the local tiendas (bar/shops) where the young and the elderly have fun all together.   

In order to prevent further confusion and disappointment for our visitors we have chosen to give you the opportunity to book your Ibiza Holiday Rental with widely respected official companies that guarantee reasonable prices, perfect services and clear agreements. - Ibiza4all

Ibiza Holiday Rentals is the best guide to find
a suitable holiday accommodation for your perfect Ibiza SUMMER Holidays and winter breaks.
We wish you much pleasure in finding a perfect Ibiza Holiday Rental for you and your family, friends or relatives, at the beautiful island of Ibiza in the
most complete directory for short and long term holiday rentals in Ibiza!

You will find all about Ibiza holiday RENTALS in this IBIZA 4 ALL directory


GARE DU NORD Bed & Breakfast Ibiza
San Juan, Ibiza

Enjoy a a charming small Bed & Breakfast in Ibiza, OPEN ALL YEAR, with different unique rooms, situated in the outskirts of San Juan, the idyllic hippy village in Northern Ibiza. This B & B, run by the owners of Ducks United, provides easy car rental options for their colorful fun & charity cars.

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Contact IBIZA DIFERENTE or make your choice from:

and IBIZA VILLAS  on the island of Ibiza.

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Experienced Holiday provider offers a wide range of HOLIDAY HOMES and VILLAS in IBIZA, in several languages.
Having teamed up with a few outstanding VILLA RENTAL AGENCIES they can provide direct online booking and perfect service & guarantees for perfect SUMMER HOLIDAYS or WINTER BREAKS in IBIZA.

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IBIZA VILLAS - Ibiza Holiday Rentals

Find yourself the most perfect holiday home in Ibiza, such as: villas, country houses, fincas, cottages and/or apartments in Ibiza Villas.
* In all price ranges and all quality standards.


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Enquipment hire company also offering various Services and Sales !!

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Ibiza Holiday Rentals - All about Ibiza holiday rentals, most complete directory!