August 24, 2020 @ 10:00 am
Amma Nacer Ibiza - Comunidad de Conciencia
Camino 3 Cala Boix
40, 07850, Illes Balears
€ 66
Amma Nacer Ibiza - Comunidad de Conciencia
0034 680 906 131

CONSTELACIONES XAMANICAS @ Amma Nacer Ibiza – Comunidad de Conciencia

from 10.00 – 15.00 hrs – Meeting place: Cala Boix parking, 19 hrs. 

with Abuela Margaluna

Men and Women who are connected to the force of their ancestors are omnipotent and omniscent forces of nature. Join us to activate the forces of our ancestors, the light and love of father sun and mother earth to walk this golden age with the spirit of the warrior of light. The new humanity that is giving birth needs leaders with the spirit of a jaguar and the heart of a colibri and this work is a quantum leap to purify and prepare us with the energy of the new earth.

What are Xamanic constellations?

It is a journey into the unconscious to free ourselves from patterns and energies that prevent us from walking in our strength and shining in love and service to our family and humanity. It is an activation of the force of nature of our ancestors and Christ consciousness.
In the last 27 months I lived in Peru and Brazil observing how the peoples of the Andes and Amazonia communicate with the trees, rivers and mountains and all the beings of nature. Constellations Xamanicas is the healing tool based on learning from Mother Nature together with the knowledge of Bert Hellinger.

We will work with the spirits of nature, animals and crystals.

Bring a crystal, musical instruments and photos of your ancestors. Bring vegetarian food to share.
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