CyptoTalk: Bitcoin & Blockchain, where spirituality meets tech

October 19, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
in front of Es Vedra
Es Vedrà
Balearic Islands
on donation
Lucien Lecarme

santjosepdesatalaiaCyptoTalk: Bitcoin & Blockchain, where spirituality meets tech @ in front of ES VEDRA

from 15.00 – 16.3o hrs

Since money still makes the world spin around a revolution of money is the most important way to really make a change on system level and disrupt the old corrupt webs of power

But how would that look like?

In this talk, I dive with you beyond the technology into the possibilities the current tech revolution brings us from a transformative point of view
The revolution of information, the internet, changed our lives but we are still living in a story of lack, competition and more for me is less for you
The revolution of money will change our story of money

Blockchain tech and Bitcoin occur in a time where many want a change on root level, where movements of personal empowerment seem to coincide with the peer to peer structure of Bitcoin
Where the need to take back the power from the middlemen, to fight corruption is manifested in the invention of blockchain technology
A unique window of opportunity to start living decentralized to take back the power from the institutions into communities, built around values

In this talk, I will explain where technology and spirituality are meeting on a crossroad where we can turn left, and face totalitarian tech states with maximum control or circles and communities that thrive on a personal level, on a roadmap to abundance, prosperity, unity and connection by leaving the era of centralization behind from a new story for humanity

Bring some healthy food to enjoy a sunset together after the talk

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