Ecstatic Dance Dj Training with Kareem Raïhani

May 14, 2019 @ 10:00 am
Sant Carles de Peralta
07850 Sant Carles de Peralta
Balearic Islands
Kareem Raïhani

Ibiza IslandEcstatic Dance Dj Training with Kareem Raïhani @ Sant Carlos, Ibiza

from 10.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs on May 18th

Directed by Kareem Raïhani

Creating Magic on the Dancefloor

Understanding a DJ program is very easy, But to learn how to work with it takes practice.
So we will practice… a lot! 
The exercises will save you around 5 years of regular practice ;).
So what can you expect?

– How to create magic on the dance floor.
– How to use the DJ programs and tools
– Beat / Key mixing
– How to use “flow” in your DJ set.
– How to quickly overcome mistakes and stressful moments.
– How to create an efficient and well structured music library
– How to create your network and become your “local Ecstatic Dance Dj” – or any kind of Dj!

One thing, after 5 days, you will be ready to play!

We will be working, practicing, laughing and dancing on our own dance floor, with a very nice sound system, surrounded by beautiful nature in one of the most magical valleys of Ibiza.
As May is just when the sun is getting warmer in the south, we will also have some free time, to enjoy the island, beaches and of course experience an Ecstatic Dance Session in Ibiza.

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