FIESTA DE SANT CIRIAC – Saint’s Day Celebrations & Fireworks of Dalt Villa

August 8, 2021 @ 10:30 am
Ibiza Dalt Vila Patrimonio de la Humanidad
Carrer Sant Lluís
1, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears
Consell d'Eivissa

DALT VILAFIESTA DE SANT CIRIAC – Saint’s Day Celebrations & Fireworks @ Ibiza Dalt Vila Patrimonio de la Humanidad

Full program to be announced.

18.30 hrs – Berenada Popular as Puig des Molins coinciding with the traditional snack of Sant Ciriac
20.00 hrs – Giant Paella
24.00 hrs – Great firework display from the wall of the Port Vell in Ibiza

During the first week of August, the town of Eivissa, dresses up, decorated with flags, parades and fireworks. For days people celebrate, honor and sing. Religion and traditions are mixed into several activities that form this great event. Eivissa celebrates the “Festes de la Terra“, the “fiestas of our land”, which revolve around the island of Ibiza and its history.

August 5 is the day of the patron saint of Eivissa, Santa María de la Neus, the virgin of the snows. Dalt Vila Cathedral is named after her.
It is about the celebration of the patron saint of the capital of the island, the great festival of Eivissa.
Three days later, San Ciriaco is honored and the Catalan conquest remembered, which was on this day in 1235.
Colorful parades fill the streets. There are shows, folklore and concerts in many places, competitions and exhibitions … and a lot to see.
The city also shows its respect for the significant background of the Fiestas. Many traditional religious acts take place. The day of the Catalan conquest is very important for the religious Ibizan since this is how Christianity and the Western world joined Ibiza and Formentera.
Before that the Moors reigned in the Pitiusas, and with them Islam.

August 8 symbolizes the beginning of a new era for Ibiza. It is one of the most popular holidays and begins in the morning with a ceremony in the cathedral in honor of San Ciriaco. Then a procession follows through the streets of all parish flags. It is a procession of historical importance, as the flag of San Lorenzo has been crossed for 200 years, being the oldest banner of the island.
The procession ends in the Plaza de España with a floral offering and a peasant dance next to the monument to Guillerm de Montgri.

In the evening the traditional “berenada or  picnic” takes place on the hill of Puig des Molins, which the Ibizan traditionally celebrate with cakes and other homemade food.

At the end of the day, huge fireworks light up the sky over Dalt Vila. The historical enclave shines for a few moments with an incomparable light.

Fiesta de Sant Ciriac, is an annual event that commemorates the Catalans regaining control of the island on the Moors.
Every year, local people and visitors come together to the Fiesta de Sant Ciriac, where fireworks, dancing, drinking, eating, music and joy can be enjoyed, as well as the famous watermelon fight.

The celebrations mark an event that took place on 8 August 1235.
In the 13th century, two Muslim brothers ruled over Ibiza.
The story goes that one of the brothers was stronger and more powerful than the other and his favorite wife stole from him.

To take revenge on his deceitful brother, the other showed an attacking army of Christians the secret entrance into the inner walls of Dalt Vila, after which a battle took place on 8 August 1235, in which the Moors were defeated and the Catalans regained control over the island.

Sant Ciriac
has been the patron saint of Ibiza since 1650.

Nowadays you can visit the place where the Christians entered Ibiza Town and follow the picturesque cobbled streets to the Chapel of Sant Ciriac,  in an alley of the same name, and built  in 1754.
The small chapel was built in honor of San Ciriaco or Sant Ciriac, patron saint of the Ibiza Town since 1650,  who fell in 1235 during the battle of Ibiza town. The chapel is a small room with a fence. 
The chapel houses a statue of Sant Ciriac and inside, under the altar, one sees san arch, the beginning of the possible tunnel that a legend identifies as the entrance of the Christian conquerors guided by the hated brother of the Muslim sheikh. The tunneled entrance to the Sant Ciriac chapel is designed to mimic the arrival of the Christian army.

Nowadays coins are thrown through the arch for good fate.

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