September 28, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Cala Benirras
Lugar Venda de Benirras
154, 07815 Sant Joan de Labritja, Illes Balears
We Are One Family

from 16.00 – 17.00 hrs

Come raise the sails of friendship until the whole world sees…
A short and fast growing Parade that only lasts a few minutes . Every person that enters the parade declares to be a friend to the earth and to treat all living creatures as family. We will take care of each other.
The hope is to spread the awareness ,that unity is the a better goal to strive for than separation and diversion.

Ofcourse everything will be created in the moment, the only thing we can do is start at the right time. 4 o’clock. Sharp! And It is a surprise, we should not give it away before it happens. Timing is important for the effect.
Be there and bring colors, flags, scarves or whatever. To really make it a parade. Bring a sound. drums, flutes, rattles samba balls does not matter. We have made 40 hearts that rolled up to form a speaking heart megaphone. To sing the lyrics “we are one family” and anything else that comes from your heart. Let your heart speak and we made a Sail of Friendship to support the Parade.

We hope that by sharing videos about our Flashmob Parade. The idea goes around the world in all kinds of forms and that parades are also organized in other cities or places. Our goal is to propagate that we can strive for unity rather than division and that love is the key.
And we do that with pleasure, because we love that. With bells and whistles and a happy smile. If we want to improve the world, we must start with ourselves.

Spreading a positive sound starts with your own sound. .
Come and help make the parade a spark that causes an explosion of love.
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