Friday Jam Ibiza > Contact Improvisation

April 10, 2020 @ 6:45 pm
Project Ibiza Center for Human Purpose
Carretera San Juan km12.9
07812 Sant Llorenç, Islas Baleares
€ 10
Movimiento Contact Improv Ibiza

Friday Jam Ibiza > Contact Improvisation @ Project Ibiza Center for Human Purpose

from 18.45 – 22.00 hrs

Warmup: 19:00 to 20:00 – Jam: 20.00 to 22.00

We meet to dance with 1h warmup, followed by a 2h jam to research and experiment contact improvisation.

We open a space of dance for experienced and beginners, for adults and kids. We facilitate an inclusive space where the only required skill is presence and self responsibility.

The warmup is held by local & international teachers that focuses on movement and improvisation (e.g. Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Butō, Tanztheater, Instant Composition, Voice Improvisation, Bodywork and more).

JAM. We will dance for two hours after one hour to warmup our bodies, alternating moments of silent and moments of improvised sound. The jam is a space where we can dance as well as observe: in both cases you can learn. If you need to talk or check your phone, please use the shared space. It’s strictly forbidden to talk in the dance space.

EXPRESSION. The Jam is an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. We are open to all experiences, ages, abilities and disabilities. The only required skill is your presence, together with an authentic curiosity on expressing through movement.

SUSTAINABILITY. We ask for a conscious donation of 5€ | 10€. If you are low on money, get in touch with one of the organisers to find a way to exchange. The collected money is used to cover the space and the teacher costs and to support new projects for the community.

INCLUSION. We love kids joining the dance floor, sharing our exploration all together. Nonetheless it’s important for kids to respect the warmup and jam rules, as we adults do. If not, kids can play and practice joy in the shared area. Please share this message with new families and kids joining the group. Parents are responsible for their children.

CALL FOR ARTISTS. If you like to play music, to take photos, to make videos, to cook, to share or to do anything that can elevate the value of the jam, get in touch with us. This is a way to participate and support the project, as well as contributing with a conscious donation.
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