HEALY Presentation > Self healing with frequencies

June 12, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
Ibiza island
Balearic Islands
Solar Sacred Dance

Ibiza IslandHEALY Presentation > Self healing with frequencies @ IBIZA

from 16.00 – 18.00 hrs

Healy is the next evolution and revolution of healing, wellness, spirituality and bio-hacking that is supported and surrounded by a community determined to make an impact and raise the good vibes of you, your loved ones and the planet.

I am Aurore Sunrise, Conscious Dance Facilitator, Cacao Devotee, Spiritual Alchemist & Yellow Solar Sun. 
My mission : to help create a world where everybody gets to open their heart and consciously expand their highest 
vibration : JOY.
The higher the frequency of our energy, the lighter we feel in our physical, mental, emotional bodies. Then we can experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy.
My intention : to be a part of the global awakening helping people to break free mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially; and empower themselves by standing up, taking a leap of faith to change our world.  
So today it is beyond excitement that I am sharing this presentation with you to discover the NEW REVOLUTION in HEALTH AND WELLNESS that is continually supporting me in my journey since February now.
I have tested it, I use it, I feel it, I believe in it and love it as it helps supporting me with my physical, emotional and mental health, plus it increased my self awareness about my patterns and blockages.
Basically you realize that you have to work on yourself deeper and you are guided to know where.
So what is Healy?
Well – I’m glad you asked. But first, strap in – because you’re about to have your mind blown with a device that fuses spirituality and science together. 
A device that through quantum physics can measure your individual frequency via a quantum sensor – then deliver back to you the specific frequency you need to get your cellular, emotional and/or energy centres back to bioenergetic balance.
Sounds like magic but its just science. Cutting edge science and technology created by a collection of conscious creators.
I am excited to share with you this new technology and introduce you to a wonderful community determined to make an impact and raise the good vibes of you, your loved ones and the planet.
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