Ho’oponopono Cacao Dance – Full Moon Ritual

September 14, 2019 @ 6:45 pm
Studio 8 Ibiza
Carrer de Sant Jaume
127, 07849 Santa Eulària des Riu, Illes Balears
Solar Sacred Dance
studio8Ho’oponopono Cacao Dance – Full Moon Ritual @ STUDIO 8 Ibiza

from 18.45 – 22.00 hrs

is a powerful ancient Hawaiian practice that uses Forgiveness as its healing tool and can be used to release and heal outdated patterns, difficult emotions and lower vibrational energies. The practice of Hooponopono includes a short prayer :

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

This prayer has a cleansing effect on the auric field and soul memory. Since the full moon supports release work, Ho’oponopono can be a wonderful tool to use at this time.

On the eve of this Full Moon, we will work with the issues we would like to release through singing, meditating, writing and dancing…

Sacred Cacao
is a soft but gentle medicine used to open the heart. The active ingredients of the cacao work strongly on the heart chakra and brings us back to our natural state of feeling. We sink with our head into our heart and connect ourselves intuitively with Mother Earth. Cacao creates COMPASSION, for ourselves and others.

Join us for a beautiful and powerful Ho’oponopono Cacao dance and Full Moon ritual
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