Ibiza Blue Challenge Triatlón

June 5, 2021 @ 7:00 am
Santa Inés
07828 Santa Agnès de Corona
Balearic Islands
Blue Challenge Ibiza

Ibiza Blue Challenge Triatlón @ Santa Inés

from 07.00 – 15.30 hrs

The Ibiza Blue Challenge Triathlon is a medium distance test, integrated into rural Ibiza and the inaccessible cliffs of the north of the island over the distances of 2.5k swimming / 90k cycling / 13k running race and since 2019 you can also register for the olympic event on 1,2k swimming / 45k cycling and 8km of running.

It is an authentic, indescribable, tough competition that breaks with any previous concept you may have of this sport. Completing this test will be a major challenge of considerable difficulty.
We want the organization and participants to form a family. The concept of this event flees from the overcrowding of participants, seeks the return to the beginnings of triathlon, extreme respect for a pure nature that will pose many adverse situations.

The Ibiza Blue Challenge Triathlon is a test designed to get you acquainted with the vertigo of deep blue from a swimming start under an island separated from the coast where you will discover probably the hardest and longest of the bike transitions in the whole world.
A cycling circuit with asphalt in good condition and a finish line nestled in one of the most authentic rural towns of Ibiza after traveling the last 13km of the race on good-looking mountain roads, impressive views and steep slopes.

In the Ibiza Blue Challenge Triathlon you will discover the authentic Ibiza of the towns of Santa Inés-San Mateo and an organization with many years of experience that await you with enthusiasm.
Do you accept the challenge?
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