February 23, 2019 @ 9:00 am
Ibiza island
Balearic Islands
Ajuntament d"Eivissa

Ajuntament D'EivissaLAUNCH: IBIZA PLOGGING 2019 @ IBIZA

from 09.00 hrs

This Ibiza activity, initiated by the Plogging movement is launched in Ibiza and Spain for the simultaneous promotion of sport and ecology.
Objective: Waste collection for recycling Join!

Sustainable, IBIZA PLOGGING, an initiative that promotes sports and ecology on the island and in the Balearics.
The plogging is a social movement that has its origin in 2016/17 in Stockholm, and currently more than 25,000 people in 100 countries practice it in the world.
The term “Plogging” comes from the words “jogging” (jogging, running) and “plocka upp”, which in Swedish means collecting. Plogging is one of the participatory movements that has best combined all forms of exercise. For this trend it is not necessary to run, since walking can be done. The fact of bending over when the waste is collected also produces additional physical wear.

This practice can be done in any place: the route or the walk of each morning, during the sunset or even at night are opportunities of Plogging. It can be done by bicycle, paddle board, surf at sea, alone, as a team, as a family …
Even walking down the street on the way to work. The purpose is the same: the collection of waste for subsequent recycling.

Perhaps the most significant of this fashion or personal attitude is the possibility of preserving our environment day by day. The objective is to raise awareness of the need not to throw waste in any place and if in turn a physical activity is practiced the person gets a double benefit. The social work that this sport represents goes beyond collaborating in the collection of waste and favoring the correct recycling, since it also helps to sensitize residents and visitors of the importance of always carrying a simple bag in which to deposit the waste.

To bring Plogging closer to Spain, its promoters have chosen Ibiza. During the 23rd and 24th of February they will carry out an informative task complemented with inclusive street marketing actions in the different municipalities of the island, which will help to inform and add prescribers to this practice.
From Ibiza Sostenible, an Instagram campaign has been created: the “Ibiza Plogging” movement, where users can upload and share their photos and moments practicing Plogging on the island.
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