June 3, 2019 @ 8:00 pm
La Mezcalería Mexiterránea Tapas Bar & Restaurant
de km 9
3, Carretera de San Carlos, 07840 Santa Eulalia del Río, Illes Balears
La Mezcalería Mexiterránea Tapas Bar & Restaurant
0034 971 807 231
Live Music: DUBTROPICAL @ La Mezcalería Mexiterránea Tapas Bar & Restaurant

from 20.00 – 02.00 hrs

MILESTONES STAGE : George Solar, Sadeedo Music, Wisdom sound,
and the amazing Dubtropical Allstars band

The new weekly residency of DUBTROPICAL at LA MEZCALERIA goes into its 2nd round delivering some post beach reggae / dub / world music vibes in dub.

Sit down and wine & dine at the exceptional ATLAS @ MEZCALERIA restaurant (we suggest a reservation in that case to avoid disappointment), chill around the bar or get up and dance under the stars – maybe even all of it and in that order.

We got the next one coming for you right here. We suggest you

a) get involved right away so its easier to bear with us weekly without being bothered on a regular 🙂

b) tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend

c) get there early/on time as we have 2 live sets each night BUT have to FINISH (the live part) at midnight – assorted lil lower volume selekshans afterwards though (if the vibe is right and that would mean its at least 50% up to you).

This is a FREE event, however the venue has an amazing donation system in place so you won’t have to feel guilty at all seen and its easy to support local produce that way quite literally. muchas gracias & see you on monday for a wiggle & a chill people!
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