New Moon Women´s Circle “Moon Woman” > Towards Our Wild Nature

February 23, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Cala Tarida
Cala Tarida
€ 15
Aiste Anandi Yoga & Women's Wellness
0034 651 081 087

Ibiza IslandNew Moon Women´s Circle “Moon Woman” > Towards Our Wild Nature @ Cala Tarida Ibiza

from 17.00 – 19.00 hrs (NEW MOON IN PISCES)

Theme: Moon Woman – Towards Our Wild Nature

You enter and are welcomed as you are. The scent of copal flows through the air. Flowers are scattered everywhere. You sip some tea and sit down on the earth. Sweet music is playing, your body immediately takes a sigh of relief. You notice your breath deepening… Your body softening… as you enter this sacred space just as your ancestors did. You come together to cherish your heart, connect with the earth, and open to the magnetic love that the new moon reflects as you dance the light of your essence through every cell and tissue of your body….

Welcome back…
…back home…

Every new moon I create a safe container for women of Ibiza to rest, nourish their body temple and learn more about th moon. Circles are held at my home in Cala Tarida, San Josep, a safe and cozy place. Every gathering has a different theme according to the astrological sign of the current moon. Every circle carries different teachings and energies based around a few central components:  MOON TEACHINGS, DEEP REST and SISTERHOOD. Some circles are facilitated by myself and some in collaboration with other inspiring and wise women. 
• Learn basic moon terminology (lunar eclipse, super moon, blue moon, black moon, white moon, brown moon, blood moon etc.)
• Learn how  your menstrual cycle and moon is connected with one another (or how to connect if it´s not connected yet)
• Learn how to chart your cycle
• Learn how to use moon calendar 
• Create your own moon diary 
• Create manifestation new moon ritual 
• Rest with yoga nidra
• Enjoy my grandmothers collected tea and homemade “Moon” cookies
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