RISE UP IBIZA FESTIVAL 2018 > World Wisdom & Peace Gathering < Day 1

RISE UP IBIZA FESTIVAL 2018 > World Wisdom & Peace Gathering Day 1 @ Camping Cala Nova

from 08.08 – 22.22 hrs

08:08 hrs – Greeting to the Sun, kundalini yoga, kirtan and others activities with SunSun Love.
– Opening of the permanent zone of Meditation and Purification
12:12 hrs – Opening of the Rise Up hippy market: local and organic products, new technologies, wellness and various shows.
– Food and drink.
– Live music concerts and musical medecine area.
– Playground.
14:14 hrs – Workshops and free meetings with varied possibilities.
– Live music, concerts and music therapies.
– Spaces of therapies and well-being.
– Children activities.
– Baïla Space (Dance therapy & frequencies of healing)
17:17 hrs – Call for the First Circle of Meditation together, presentation of the guests.
– Preparation for the connection 18:18
18:18 hrs – First great connection and synchronized meditation.
– Activation of the sacred space of permanent healing with the ancestral ceremonies of the delegations.
– Sacred Fire Ceremony.
21:21 – 22:22 hrs – Conferences
– Workshops
– Projections of documentaries of conscience.
– Direct encounters and exchanges with the wise
– Music, sacred songs, meditation.

A beautiful encounter of native peoples, beliefs, cultures, sciences and Earthkeepers coming together to share with us positive energy, their teachings and messages for a better world!

Join us and Together let’s:

– Share Sacred Ancestral Traditions from Wise Peoples, Elders and Shamans
– Enjoy our beautiful healing & therapeutical area with reiki, massages, energy works and much more
– Every morning practice yoga, danse, qi gong and more to the rhythm of some of the best teachers of the Island
– Meditate each day at 18:18 for Peace within ourselves and around us through the Ibiza Experience
– Enjoy ecstatic dance and sing with us and discover our magic selection of live healing music! As well as chanting and kirtan music on the chill out area of Amorigene restaurant, our partner for all Music bands
– Unite around the Sacred Fire to share traditions and the circle of Love and prayers
– Celebrate the beach, the sea and the power of Mother Earth and the Water element with Sacred ceremonies and beach cleanings
– Play with your children in the kids’ corner
– Explore the Consciousness Film area
– Participate in the live co-creation of a Peace banner and explore the artiststic exposition
– Explore our mini market with the Eders’ crafstmanship
– Relax in our Peace eco-friendly space
– Discover our variety of food trucks and delect in delicious vegan food
– And a variety of talks and presentations!


To Give Peace a Chance
To Connect Ourselves and Humanity
To Awaken Consciousness
To Rise Ourselves and Rise the World
To Celebrate Our Planet
To Share Knowledge and Wisdom
To Have Fun while Creating Unity
For Love

We will have guests representing all the following cultures: African, Amazonian, Amerindian, Celtic, Indian, Maori, Mongolian, Tibetan. As well as activists, therapists, scientists and innovators. Enjoy ancestral traditions’ methods, coaching, healing technics, quantum tools and so much more!

Possibility to camp at Camping Cala Nova
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