July 2, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
TIME & SPACE Open Air Monument - near Es Vedrà
Carrer Codola 15
07829, Illes Balears
€ 25
Amilde Zanassi
0034 660 057 751

SUNSET MEDITATION & RITUAL @ TIME & SPACE Open Air Monument – near Es Vedrà

from 19.00 – 21.00 hrs

by: Nora Avila & Amilde Zanassi

We gather in the columns of Time & Space to enjoy an afternoon of PRANAYAMAS (breathing), MANTRAS, MEDITATION, SACRED SOUNDS and RITUAL in the magic hour, receiving the information and clarity of the rays of the Sun and reaffirming our commitment to our Light.

Come and meet the magic of the sunset in Ibiza for a kind and deep practice of meditation and internal Silence!

Voluntary contribution – Suggested minimum € 10

Bring: Your mat, a candle, white clothes and a glass bottle of water.

Time & Space The Speed of Light. Ibiza, Spain. A monument by the artist Andrew Rogers.
Thirteen solid basalt columns forming a Fibonacci sequence located on the edge of a cliff facing the ocean in Ibiza, Spain.
The tallest column, ten meters in height, is highlighted in 23-carat gold to reflect the message with the setting sun on the day of the Winter Solstice.
The sequence is laid out around the circumference of an ellipse alluding to the trajectories of the planets moving around the sun.
It is a vision of time and space the the interconnectedness of humanity.
The Fibonacci sequence is demonstrated both in terms of height and spacing.
Extracted and carved in Turkey, the 420 tons of basalt were loaded onto a dedicated ship and transported 4,400 kilometers to Ibiza, Spain.
The columns are mounted on basalt bases weighing from 7.2 tons to 12.5 tons. The tallest column weighs 19.5 tons.
Construction commenced on 17 January, 2014 and was completed one week later on 23 January.
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