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Ibiza Island arose from the sea 8 Million years ago, to the end of the Tertiary Era, when the Balearic Islands, as all other European mountains chains, did by then. At first the Balearic Islands were attached to the Spanish mainland but caused by rising of the sea level, the islands arose from sea about 12.000 years ago.
A 1500 meter deep sea ditch separates the Balearics from the Spanish mainland and today Ibiza is located 90 kilometers east of the Spanish mainland.

Together with the island lain south, Formentera (7131 inhabitants) and numerous smaller and uninhabited rock islands, Ibiza forms the island group named: Pityusen. The Pityusen have, as the Balearics, their own continental shelf.
Ibiza's official name in Catalan is EIVISSA. The official languages are Catalan and Castilian but Ibiza's original inhabitants, called Ibicenco, use their own Catalan dialect: Eivissenc.

The island of Ibiza belongs to the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands that hold altogether 67 municipalities and its capital is Palma on Mallorca.
Ibiza island comprises 5 municipalities with their citycouncels or ajuntamentos:

        Ajuntament Sant Antoni de Portmany   

Municipality Villages
Sant Josep de sa Talaia Es Cubells, Sant Agustí des Vedrà, Sant Francesc de s'Estany, Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Sant Josep de sa Talaia
Sant Antoni de Portmany Sant Antoni de Portmany, San Rafael de Sa Creu, Sant Mateu d'Albarca, Buscatell, Santa Agnes de Corona
Sant Joan de Labritja Cala de Portinatx, Cala de Sant Vicent, Sant Miquel de Balansat, Port de Sant Miquel, Sant Joan de Labritja, Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, Sant Vicent de sa Cala
Santa Eulària des Riu Es Canar, (Nostra Senyora de) Jesús, Puig d'en Valls, Sant Carles de Peralta, Santa Eulària des Riu, Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera
Ibiza Town (Vila d'Eivissa) Both city and municipality and divided in 2 parts, the old upper town, Dalt Vila and the new extension with the name Example

Ibiza is the most western island of the Balearic Islands, and human habitation dates from at least 5000 BC.

Ibiza - Eivissa - is the third biggest island of the Balearic Islands with a surface of 572 km², the principal city is Ibiza Town - Eivissa Vila. On Ibiza live approximately 106.220 inhabitants durably, together with officially announced foreigners called Residents.

Ibiza is hilly and has sandy calas and rocks and the most beautiful beaches and sandy shores of the Mediterranean. Its highest 'mountain' is Atalaya of Sa Talaiassa de Sant Josep - 476 m.
Ibiza has the most balanced climate of the Balearics. The temperatures in summer are around 30 °C, and in winter temperature rarely drops below zero.
There are no "dangerous" animals on the island, like poisonous snakes, lizards or spiders. Although these last years every now and then ladder snakes are found, accidently imported from the main land, in potted trees by garden centres.

The Salinas was used for salt making, Ibiza's most important trading product 'White Gold' = Salt

The biological variety and culture from Ibiza were declared World cultural heritage by Unesco on December 14,1999.
Ibiza history
tells us that the Balearic Islands were on Phoenician trade routes therefore Ibiza was conquered and inhabited by these Phoenicians. Later on the Carthaginians did the same but more important they also founded Ibiza Town, which became an important port in those days.
They also used Ibiza as their burial grounds and constructed The Salinas for salt making, Ibiza's most important trading product
'White Gold' = Salt.
Later in Ibiza History came, in succession the Romans, Visigoths and Muslims.
he Muslims left an important and recognizable imprint in the island's typical architecture and their traditional costumes. However the Muslims were driven out during the Christian Reconquista in the 13th century and the islands became Catalan colonies, and by then they lost their importance for the region.
Ibiza was under Bourbon control for most of the 18th century.

The remains of domination by all these different cultures are still to be found on Ibiza, mostly restored.
he fortified Upper Town (Dalt Vila), the Phoenicia settlement of Sa Caleta, the Phoenician-Punic cemetery of Puig des Molins, and the Prairies of Oceanic Posidonia of the Natural Park of Las Salinas were declared World Heritage. While staying on the island make sure you spent time to visit these impressive reminders of passed ages of Ibiza History.

To the end of the fifties many artist came to the island to escape their after-war country to experience real freedom on this beautiful and paradisiacal island. Later on hippies and other freedom seekers followed and some of them still live on the island today.
Nowadays many, many people from all over the world, travel to the island to experience its magic and beauty and of course its frantic nightlife and party scene. Most of them, young, come for the decadent, extravagant nightlife and dance all night to their favorite club anthems in Ibiza's world famous clubs.

The Ibienco are extremely tolerant towards these millions of people that spread over their island every year during the summer months. Unfortunately, over the last decades it became more and more obvious to them that their wonderful island and surrounding sea, have to be ecologically protected from all pollution that comes along with mass tourism.
The natural water resources of the island are not meant to cover all the visitors needs, and something needs to be done about this big Ibiza issue! Environmentalists started their enlightenment instructions in educating the locals by starting all kinds of ecological projects that are worthwhile visiting!

Are you searching for an alternative lifestyle, then Ibiza offers a marvelous opportunity to enjoy a break amidst the warm sea breezes of Ibiza! People who are passionate about living a more conscious natural, positive and inspiring life can enjoy one of the many  Holistic Holidays on Ibiza that are being held throughout the year in a tranquil, or if you wish a luxurious environment.

Every available facility and accommodation has been gathered and categorized beforehand by IBIZA4ALL in order to help you plan a perfect holiday for you and your family.
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Ibiza island is beautiful in winter time, when plants start flowering and the countryside shows many shades of green and colors.
Temperatures are still fine and the sun shines most of the time.
In February the Almond Trees
blossom and beautiful scents fill the air.


IBIZA WINTER - Winter in Ibiza -



Ibiza, Mediterranean island full of beauty and allure, has changed a lot in recent years. And not always to its advantage!
Jennifer Eric, expert and writer of the book: Ibiza Virgin, has found changes such as: the autopista, ban on day-time clubbing, fining of open-air venues and shares her opinion with us.
* Other topics by Jennifer Eric:
Is Ibiza still living it up?

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Keep Ibiza Virgin

Ibiza phone numbers

 Office of Tourism telephone:


971 301 900

San Antonio

971 340 779

Santa Eularia

971 330 728
 City council telephone:
Ibiza 971 397 500
San Antonio 971 340 111
Santa Eularia 971 332 800
San Jose 971 800 125
San Juan 971 333 003
Consulates telephone:
Great Britain 971 301 818
Germany 971 315 763
France 971 301 216
Italy 971 315 428
Holland 971 300 450
Post office telephone:
971 399 769
902 197 197
San Antonio 971 340 779
Santa Eularia 971 330 095
San Jose (St. Jordi) 971 308 008
San Juan 971 333 575
Animal Help telephone:
Can Dog (Animal Protection Centre Ibiza + Hotel for Cats & Dogs) 971 325 284
639 574 046
616 475 768
Airlines telephone:
Ibiza Airport
902 404 704
913 211 000
Iberia 902 400 500
Spanair 902 131 415
Veulling 807 200 100
Air Berlin/Niki 902 333 335
Air Europa
971 809 191
902 401 501
Taxi telephone:
Airport 971 395 481
Ibiza 971 398 483
San Antonio 971 340 074
San Eularia 971 330 063
San Juan 971 333 033
 Busses telephone:
Disco-bus 971 313 447
Vila-bus 971 340 382
San Antonio 971 340 510
Voramar El Gaucho 971 340 510
H.F. Vilás 971 301 916
Lucas Costa 971 312 755
Boats telephone:
Balearia (office) 971 314 486
Balearia (res) 902 160 180
Trasmediterránea 902 454 645
Trasmapi-Balearia 971 310 711
Emergencies telephone:
Emergency 112
Fire brigade 971 191 212
Guardia Civil  
- for trafic 971 302 505
- for Ibiza 971 301 100
- for San Antonio 971 340 502
- for Santa Eularia 971 330 227
- for San Juan 971 333 005
National Police 091
Police Municipal  
- Ibiza 971 315 861
- San Antonio 971 340 830
- Santa Eularia 971 330 841
- San Juan 971 333 261
Civil Protection 971 313 713
Emergency at sea  900 202 202
Medical assistance  
Urgencias Insalud 061
Hospital Can Misses 971 397 000
Policlinica Ntra. Sra. del Rosario, Eivissa 971 301 916
Clinica Vilas 971 301 916
Cruz Roja (Red Cross) 971 191 212
Ambulances (Clinic Balear)  971392 232
Ambulances (Ibiza) 971 398 887
Postcodes Ibiza  Códigos postales Eivissa
Aeroport D'eivissa 07817
Barrio Creus Des Magres (eivissa) 07819
Blanca Dona (eivissa) 07800
Cala Bassa 07829
Cala Bou 07829
Cala Conta 07829
Cala Corral 07829
Cala De San Vicente Ibiza 07811
Cala Gracio 07820
Cala Lenya, Platja 07850
Cala Llonga, De, Platja 07849
Cala Mastella 07850
Cala Pada 07849
Cala Tarida 07829
Cala Vedella 07830
Calas Pada 07849
Caleta, La 07818
Cami Vell De Sant Mateu (eivissa) 07800
Ca'n Ballutera 07817
Can Bufi (eivissa) 07800
Can Cabrit (eivissa) 07800
Ca'n Cifre 07819
Ca'n Cirer 07819
Ca'n Clavo 07815
Can Escandell (eivissa) 07800
Ca'n Fita 07819
Ca'n Frigolas 07849
Ca'n Maña 07817
Ca'n Marça 07849
Ca'n Mari 07849
Ca'n Sanso 07849
Cap De Barbaria 07860
Cap Martinet 07819
Cap Negret 07819
Carroca, La 07817
Cas Ferro (eivissa) 07800
Cas Negre (eivissa) 07800
Ciudad Jardin (eivissa) 07800
Eivissa - sant Antoni De Portmany (carretera), Hasta Km.3,9  07800
Eivissa -san Juan (carretera), Hasta Km.1,9 07800
Eivissa 07800
Es Calo 07872
Es Cana, Platja 07849
Es Cubells/els Cubells 07839
Es Figueral, Platja 07850
Es Vive (eivissa) 07800
Estrella Azul 07819
Faro De La Mola 07872
Illa Plana (eivissa) 07800
La Savina 07870
La Urbanitzacio Siesta 07849
Marina De Las Monjas 07819
Mitjorn, Platja 07871
Montañas Verdes 07849
Montecristo (eivissa) 07800
Niu Blau 07849
Nuestra Señora De Jesus 07819
Nuestra Señora Del Pilar 07872
Parroig 07839
Pont De S'argentera 07849
Port Des Torrent 07829
Portinatx 07820
Prat De Jesus 07819
Puig Den Valls (eivissa) 07800
Pujols 07871
Punta Grossa 07811
Roca Llisa, Urbanitzacio 07819
Sa Font Des Yerns 07849
Sa Tanqueta (eivissa) 07800
Salines, Les 07818
San Antonio Abad 07820
San Antonio, Camping 07820
San Fernando 07871
Sant Agusti Des Vedra 07839
Sant Antoni De Portmany 07820
Sant Carles De Peralta 07850
Sant Francesc De Formentera 07860
Sant Francesc De S'estany/sant Francesc De L'estany 07818
Sant Joan De Labritja 07810
Sant Jordi De Ses Salines 07817
Sant Josep De Sa Talaia 07830
Sant Llorenç De Balafia 07812
Sant Mateu D albarca 07816
Sant Miquel De Balasant 07815
Sant Rafel De Sa Creu/sant Rafel De La Creu 07816
Sant Vicent De Sa Cala/sant Vicent De La Cala 07811
Santa Agnes De Corona 07828
Santa Eularia Des Riu 07840
Santa Gertrudis De Fruitera 07814
Santa Maria (isla De Ibiza) 07815
Se Reconada 07849
Ses Figueres (eivissa) 07800
Talamanca (eivissa) 07800
Urbanitzacio S'argamassa 07849

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