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Ibiza - prime location for diving

One of the countless reasons to visit Ibiza island is the possibility to dive in crystal clear water.
Ibiza boasts many beautiful and different sites for practicing Scuba diving and snorkeling, all perfect for your unforgettable Ibiza Diving Holidays. It is definitely an experience to remember!

IBIZA boasts many different, but all beautiful locations, to practice snorkeling and diving in crystal clear waters.
There are very many diving schools and DIVING CENTERS in IBIZA offering training facilities and diving lessons for each level, from first time divers to advanced divers & diving masters.

All diving trainers are very experienced, enthusiastic instructors who guarantee your safety under all circumstances and all equipment materials used are well maintained, up to date, and always meet the highest qualifications.
Of course, the well-maintained boats of the Ibiza diving schools, are each equipped with all modern communication equipment, again to ensure everyone's safety.
Untrained divers as well as very experienced divers enjoy diving in Ibiza waters to their full.
Between two dives you can explore the magnificent coves that lie hidden along the 200 km long IBIZA coastline.
The island has 200 km of shoreline where one can discover plenty of creeks with centenary boat shelters.

Many years of experience and the fact that the Ibiza diving schools, know the waters around their island extremely well, guarantee a dive that provides a whole new experience time and again.
You dive only 1 time in one site, and the next time they take you to another, beautiful diving site where you can once again enjoy the rich marine life in this amazing underwater world.
Some old wrecks on the seabed make your diving experience even more exciting.

One of the most beautiful dive sites is located west of the island and offers direct access to the Sea of Cala d'Hort Nature Reserve and a number of small islands in this area.
But of course there are several dive sites around Ibiza, such as: Playa den Bossa, Cala Llonga and Port d' Es Torrent.
There is also the possibility of cave-diving, where you are given the opportunity to explore and admire under water dripstone caves and experience the fresh water rains inside.
It is simply magic to rise up in an air chamber and see the impressive limestone stalactites above your head.
When cave diving necessary security measures such as ropes and lights, are obviously, to ensure your way back out again. Cave diving trips for untrained divers have been made possible too.

Also important to know is that every Ibiza diving school is under strict control to prevent the underwater caves and reefs in the waters around ibiza, from destruction by ignorant divers and will remain in tact.
The reefs around Ibiza island are a wonderful place to explore and to interact with the fish swimming.

The water temperature around Ibiza in the summer is 28 ° C in and winter 14 ° C and the underwater visibility varies between 20 and 40 meters, depending on the currents.
All in all, these ultimate ideal circumstances of Ibiza waters provide an absolute prime location for diving.

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- SCUBA DIVING & Sub-Aqua Centre -

British run PADI Resort and BSAC School situated right
on the edge of the Cala d'Hort Marine Nature Reserve

The Med's best kept secret. Amazing scuba diving in crystal clear waters and abundant marine life, but no crowds and still unspoiled. Dive the Cala d'Hort Marine Nature Reserve and experience outstanding diving and visibility.
Sea Horse Scuba Diving and sub-aqua centre provides excellent diving training facilities both BSAC and PADI and with the best beaches and over 50 dive sites to choose from, we can offer the perfect all round IBIZA diving holidayS.

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FIRST TIME Divers tuition & Advanced Dives

Based in San Antonio ARENAL DIVING IBIZA offers a wide range of diving sites for unforgettable immersions & courses for all levels of diving. Their Discover Scuba Diving Program conducted in the ARENAL DIVING UNDERWATER AQUARIUM (Installations of this underwater aquarium, in San Antonio Bay, are the first in Europe).

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