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Ibiza Jobs

Ibiza Jobs offer opportunities for those prepared to work real hard, while other people relax and enjoy on the beach all day. Although wages are low in Spain and on Ibiza, many people take their chance to spend a Summer on Ibiza island, and are looking for a job to make their dreams come true.
Keep in mind that, especially during Winter in Ibiza, unemployment rates are high, and therefore for most jobs in Ibiza residents are preferred.
For Summer jobs in Ibiza, Spanish / German / French / Italian & English speaking and especially good-looking people have an immediate advantage obtaining the best Ibiza jobs suchs as: Sales Person for I.T. and Web-Working.
The tourist industry supplies bar work in bars, clubs or as waitress at restaurants and other specific areas like: masseur, babysitter, bartender, Chefs, waiter etc.

Ibiza workers will receive a basic wage, perhaps commission but you will have to work till early morning everyday !!
Working as a PR, promoting and selling tickets for the various nightclubs, is one of the most highly-paid jobs.

Ofcourse one has to go through certain formalities before accepting a job in Ibiza.
European residents don´t need a special working permit for only ´a few weeks job´...... but if you stay longer then 3 months in the Balearics, you´re under an obligation to register yourself with the police and you need a ´permiso de residencia´, which will last for 1 year and a NIE number.

As from 2013 you need an employment contract to obtain the NIE.
The new steps towards the NIE are:

1 - get a social security number at the Social Security office
2 - now your employer can hand out the employment contract
3 - apply for a NIE at the Police Station (Ibiza Town)

For Ibiza Jobs, people need stamina and always be enthusiastic, because working in tourist season is extremely exhausting and hard-going. Always working 7-days a week, long hours and sometimes the pay is low, but nevertheless it surely will be an unforgettable experience.

TIPS in finding a suitable job in IBIZA:
We receive many requests for help in finding a job in IBIZA, therefore we present our advice to become an Ibiza worker:


Check the important IBIZA hospitality websites, such as: hotel chains, restaurants, bars, clubs etc..
Often they have a special page where workers can apply for a temporary job in the tourist industry.

If you have specific skills or special education, do take the initiative to contact the desired employer direct, through an open application.
Keep in mind that Spanish speaking are preferred !!

IBIZA JOB RECRUITERS can be your best help, in finding a suitable job and advice in all related formalities and accommodations.
Every Summer Ibiza has a supply of open vacancies and it is possible to send your CV to potential employers.

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