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Ibiza Massage

Ibiza Massage

Ibiza Massage

During your stay in Ibiza it is possible nowadays to make online reservations for a circulatory massage, anti-cellulitis, mix- or back massage or simply a relaxing massage with Ibiza Massage.
A group of highly skilled professionals, who visit you at your address, whether it is an apartment, holiday villa,  or sunny beach, to give a wonderful massage.

Hot stone massageBack massageFoot massage - Reflexology

Other Ibiza massage techniques you can choose from are:
Ayurveda Massage,
Thai Massage, Californian Energy Massage, Aloe Massage, Crystal healing and lately Fusion Massage, where traditional Eastern massage techniques are mixed with Western massage therapies.

Most of the Ibiza massage therapists are prepared to come to your house to deliver
a massage session at your home, or in the luxury and comfort of your hotel.
Relax, enjoy & pamper yourself. Nourish your body. Melt away muscular aches and tension.
Take a time out and be completely pampered en re-energized.......enjoy a revitalizing Ibiza massage.

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Centre for Psychology & Massages

This Center for Psychological Activities & Alternative Therapies is run by dedicated experts that provide massages and alternative, holistic therapies.
C/Arxiduc Luís Salvador, 10 · 07800 IBIZA,
Phone for all information tel: +34 971 30 66 15
 * All events are listed in our Ibiza Wellness Calendar !!



IBIZA Massage Beach
- Massage Therapies, Facial Treatments
Pamper Packages Ibiza -

Deep Tissue Massages, Swedish Massages, Sports Massages, Facial Treatments, Indian Head Massages, Manicures and Pedicures by fully qualified & trained, Massage Specialists & Sports Masseurs in the convenience of your holiday home, Villa or Yacht !! Treat yourself, or someone else, to a unique experience of wellbeing




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