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Ibiza Sightseeing

Ibiza Sightseeing

There are many wonderfull places worthwhile visiting during your stay on this beautiful island.
Sant Josep de sa Talaia Ibiza's largest district offers impressive natural scenery and famous landmark rock island Es Vedra.
The municipality of Santa Eulà ria des Riu with its capital Santa Eulalia, a nice miniature town, is overseen by Puig de Missa, a beautiful church worthwhile visiting for its fantastic views and its unique beauty.
Sant Antoni de Portmany with its beautiful bay, called 'Port Magnus' - Great Harbour -, is already welknown by many of the visitors for its Westend, a very British nightlife disctrict, but ofcourse it holds many historic places as well.
Sant Joan de Labritja with its steep coasts, dense pine forests and a small chain of mountains, is stil unspoilt and a heaven for those who are desperately seeking for peace and quiet in rural surroundings.

Ibiza sightseeing
For people who love visiting places of architectural, historical or cultural interest, Ibiza island has various sightseeing options:
- Ibiza city's heart, the Old Town of Ibiza also called D'alt Vila, built in 1554, and surrounded by various walls of which some are only partly excavated. The imposing walls visible today are the product of the Italian architect Calvi in the 16th century. These walls were built so firm, that still today it is one of the two only fortifications in Europe that still has it’s complete original structure.

- The Harbour of Ibiza Town is a quiet and peaceful place in winter and in summer it’s the place to see and be seen, this surely is the promenade chosen by most drag queens.

- In Ibiza's harbour one can't mis seeing the only statue in the whole world honoring pirates, 'Corsair Obelisk' - Homenaje a los Corsarios, who played a very important part in Ibiza's history.

- Various caves such as the large and famous Cova d'es Culleram, discovered in 1907 and Cova C´an Marca, over 100.000 years old, Ses Fontanelles Caves with remains of ancient paintings, Es Cuieram Cave dedicated to the Goddess Tanit and Santa Caves Ibiza which contains impressive stalactites.

- But don´t forget to visit The Puig des Molins Nekropolis one of the largest and best preserved underground tombs in the world, left here by Phoenicians and then there is Cova de ses Llegostes, a natural cave, open to the sea, which now houses an aquarium.

- Las Salinas - Ibiza's Salt flats were of immens importance to medieval Ibiza,  nowadays the interesting remains rest in a natural reserve which forms an important refuge for all kinds of birds, including flamingos.

  Ibiza's salt flats, Las Salinas, now are a natural reserve and important refuge for birds

- Authentic villages like San Jose, Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael and San Carlos still have the beautiful historical finca's - original farmhouses with extremely thick walls, a perfect defense against hot summers, all painted white just as they always used to do.

- Many of the hippies that chose Ibiza for their homestead and nowadays run small businesses on the island sell their art- and craftswork on regularly held artisan markets, which are very enjoyable to visit.

- Beautiful, uninhabited little islands, Canjaro and Espalmador, famous mystical rockisland
Es Vedra and sister island Es Vedranell,  are approachable by boat only! A must see!!!

- Ibiza's lighthouses and in particular the Botafoc lighthouse - Faro de Botafoc - are famous for enjoying amazing panoramic views.

- Around 1880 the first windmill was built in the Ses Salines and by the time they ended operating them already 180 of them covered the island. Most of them are ruines today but some of them were restored and declared Heritage of Cultural Interest as is Molí d’en Toni Joan, Molí des Porxet and Molí des Puig d’en Valls. They all stand symbol of great balearic rural architecture.

Most of these Ibiza sightseeing examples will take whole day to explore all of its beauty and also offer a healthy walk through Ibiza's quieter rural inlands that are an sightseeing object on its own.
Enjoy all of Ibiza sightseeing in between sunbathing and partying, but take time for a cultural dip before leaving this amazingly beautiful island with its free spirit and many secrets, myths and legends.

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Enjoy the gorgeous beaches of van Ibiza

The small island of Ibiza has an indented coastline with various coves and bays, trimmed with a wide variety of beaches, approximately 100, and all are fantastic.
You will find pebble beaches, impressive rocky beaches with high cliffs and bigger and smaller Mediterranean beaches in color ranges from nearly white, through reddish to almost black. Some beaches are easily accessible and therefore downright crowded in the summer, while on the beaches which are more remote, or only accessible on foot, are usually quieter in Summer. Parking can sometimes be a problem at the popular beaches .... It's all worth it !!
The seawater is crystal clear everywhere, it cools you down and makes you quickly forget all stress. And otherwise Ibiza's trendy beach bars and clubs will help you relax.
Some of Ibiza's beaches have been awarded with a 'Blue Flag' by which the quality of the beach area as well as the facilities were found to be 'more than excellent'.
To admire the underwater life you naturally enjoy a diving trip and numerous watersports possibilities and sailing or surfing offer countless options to enjoy in, and on, the water.

Guided Ibiza Hikes, all year round  

Discover Ibiza on foot with Lucien Lecarme of Hiking Ibiza, and his guided hikes throughout the year.
His open walks, private tours and retreat hikes let you explore Ibiza on foot at your own pace. Lucien, photographer and therapist, is of Belgian origin and a big fan of Es Vedra, his Powerpoint. He takes you to the most beautiful, and best hidden spots on the island, to enjoy breathtaking views over the rolling island and the stunning seascapes around it.
Themed walks introduce you to the different seasons and the relevant plants and herbs of which the famous hierbas Ibicenca is made.

hiking options:
- Open hikes, in summer you can enjoy Sunset Hikes with a duration of about 2 hours and in winter you can enjoy 2 x 2-3 hours of walking per week.
- Private walks, enjoy walks to the most interesting spots of Ibiza and learn more about the historical and archaeological sites of the island, while listening to interesting anecdotes from your guide.
- Retreat hikes, available for relaxation and meditation during retreats in Ibiza

Touristic maritime transport and ferry services in Ibiza

Between May 1st and October 31st you can enjoy maritime excursions, cultural cruises to Dalt Vila, cave cruises, Hippy Market tours and Formentera Cruises, enabling you to experience Ibiza from her most wonderful side, the sea. The prices are very moderate and the crew very professional.

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Professional & Official Guides for Tourist Information and Excursions in Ibiza

These official tourist guides are available by appointment to guide groups of tourists or individual travelers to the most interesting and beautiful places of the White Island. There is a choice of different excursions and all-day or half-day trips, presented in many languages.
There are also guides with knowledge about very specific topics such as: architecture, plants, history etc.

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A perfect way to explore the sea around the island of Ibiza, the island of Formentera, Es Vedra, or the 48 smaller islands. Choose from romantic boat trips at night, boat trips to the Punta Arabi Hippy Market and Cultural Cruises to admire Dalt Vila, the historic Upper Town of Ibiza Town, from sea. An excellent way to explore the island. Swimming and sunbathing along the trip, nice restaurants and finally a beautiful sunset

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- Every second weekend in May in Dalt Vila & La Marina

A must see in Ibiza, the annual Medieval Fair, that is held every second weekend in May, within the historic walls of Dalt Vila, attracting over fifty thousand visitors to the island. Ibiza sets back to the Middle Ages, for 4 days to honour the islands long and well preserved history, that was awarded with World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1999. Enjoy colorful market stalls with vendors in Medieval costumes, traditional entertainment & performances in a lively and unique Medieval festival atmosphere. At the same time, the restaurants of the old town a Gastronomic Festival with medieval delicacies and refreshments.

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- Every FULL MOON in February on Ibiza -

A wonderful display of Ibiza's nature can be enjoyed when in February, or maybe even in January, the delightful scent of almond blossom fills the island air, and many people already start looking forward to the upcoming night trail at full moon in February, through the almond orchards of Santa Inez, simply to enjoy the beauty of the annual Almond Blossom in Ibiza.

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- Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock -

The small island 'Isla Es Vedra' and its smaller sister 'Es Vedranell', located off the southwestern coast of Ibiza, are both worth a visit. Es Vedra is surrounded by a number of myths and tall tales. So it is said the island would be a landing spot for alien civilizations ... The fact is that the rock island, after two other places, is releasing the strongest radiation, causing compasses to malfunction.
In the port of San Antonio are boats available for excursions to these special islands.

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- Beautiful, unspoilt sister island to Ibiza -

This beautiful and unspoiled sister island of Ibiza has gorgeous white sandy beaches, you really should have seen once in a lifetime. The island is only accessible by boat and is a great destination for a day trip from Ibiza, by a lovely boat trip to Formentera. The island of Formentera still has this 'real hippy feel' and offers a beautiful coastline and a number of interesting historical sights.

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