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Once upon a time, Ibiza was a spiritual and magical place.
The Carthaginians first came here in 654 BC and much of the island's magic comes from its sense of age and mythical history.
The island has a rich spiritual heritage from its hippie visitors in the 1950s and 1960s.
As a result, Ibiza is notorious for its trance parties and chillout sunsets, its laid-back attitude and hippie markets.
Every sunset, people gathered at a little beach-side bar, called chringuitos, to be hypnotised by unique sunsets. Ibiza still has a "strange atraction" to people, who want to change their life.
Esoterical interested, drugusers, drop outs, for them Ibiza is a dream.
As a matter of fact people call it "Magic island" and speak about the "Spirit of Ibiza".

became – the spiritual home of house music, also sometimes described as Ibiza-style, Ibiza-house.

The old hippie lifestyle has changed, and every summer the best DJs offer their audience high quality settings in techno and house.
But recently, that 'old hippy' spirit or Ibiza spirit is back.
The island gets visited by boho-chic and many of the 'trendy' come here for a week in the summer for sun, sand, relaxed living and a visit to the famous clubs.

If you ever visited Ibiza, you will know of the virtues of this magic island, where "live and let live" is very present in daily life.
Ibiza, a land in which Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, have lived in old times and that still today receives visitors from all over the world.

Tanit came to Ibiza as Fenicisch/Punische goddess honoured in Carthago as goddess of or fertility and heavenly mother. She became Ibiza's tutelary deity and it is said that specific sacrifices were performed in her honor. Her name sometimes is translated as 'female snake'.

, the Goddess, is taking care of the IBIZA SPIRIT since Phoenician times. Whether the winds reach Ibiza's shores, she dances on and on with natural beauty and eEverybody experiences these vibes in some way and gets carried away.

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