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Ibiza Therapy

Ibiza Therapy

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Not only the most amazing beaches can be enjoyed on this beautiful Balearic Island but the island of Ibiza nowadays offers a wide range of therapies that can be enjoyed too.

Ibiza Therapy
is your guide in finding Personal trainers, Excellent massage service such as Therapeutic Massage or individual Massage Sessions.

Ibiza Therapy offers all sorts of extensive natural beauty treatments such as: many different sorts of facials, Aromatherapy, Detoxation treatments, Hopi ear candles and Reiki.

A wide range of therapeutic Massages for relaxation, eastern massages, Ayurvedic massage and even a very special technique called 'Nuad Phaen Boran' which is an ancient massage that is practiced traditionally in Thai Buddhist monasteries, are available on Ibiza Island to improve your health and wellbeing.

Ibiza Therapy
also provides Biodynamic Body & Soul therapists for Transforming/integrating body- and energy work, Bio-release-massage and individual Foot reflexology sessions.

ALIVE AYURVEDA  offers professional trainings to transmit this ancient body of knowledge in the context of modern life through Ayurvedic massage, yoga, and meditation and can be found in Ibiza Therapy.

Aloe massage with a combination of aloe vera with natural herbs and oilscalifornian energy massage offers healing and relaxation with high quality natural products, such as aloe vera combined with natural herbs and oils. this massage lotion encourages your blood supplyThai massage  is an traditional healing art system over 2500 years old. it cultivates the meditativenessAlgae therapyHot stone therapy

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Center for Psychological Activities & Holistic Therapies

The Holistic Center for Psychological Activities & Alternative Therapies is run by dedicated experts that guide both children & adults and provide Workshops: psychotherapy, holistic massages, NLP training, creative workshops for children, Space therapy (Feng Shui)
Centro Holistico situated at:
- C/Arxiduc Luís Salvador, 10, 07800 IBIZA,
- Phone for all information tel: +34 971 30 66 15

 * All events are listed in our Ibiza events calendar !!


IBIZA SPAS - Spa Hotels Ibiza

IBIZA SPA HOTELS offer various Wellness & Beauty Therapies in Ibiza, in both Summer & Winter!
Pampering Holidays filled with
treatments to detoxify the body, clarify
the mind, uplift your spirit and improve your wellbeing.
IBIZA SPA BREAKS for pure enjoyment & relaxation !!


Health, Beauty, Healing & Wellbeing Retreats in Ibiza

Classes, Courses, Meetings, Presentations, Retreats, Seminars, Sessions, Trainings, Therapies & Workshops in IBIZA to improve your Health, Beauty & Wellbeing,



Ibiza Therapy - Therapies in Ibiza


- Therapies in Ibiza -

Holistic healing therapies in Ibiza, incl. private therapeutic session or group therapy, take place in the most perfect natural surroundings of Ibiza to enable you to let go of blockades, fears, old habits in order to rejuvenate your Mind, Body & Soul. Choose from Reflexology for Hand, Feet & Ears,
Body Awareness Therapies, Flower Therapy, Healing therapies, Massage Therapies, or Beauty, Fasting or Detox Therapy, Meditation, Rebirthing, Regression Therapy, Psychotherapy, Reiki, Humanistic & Integrative, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Therapy, Kinesiology or Physiotherapy, Fitness Therapies for Weight loss and Ayurvedic Therapies and the Space Therapy: Feng Shui or Zhi Neng Qi Gong
IBIZA ACUPUNTURE - Jean-Sylvain Prot, senior acupuncturist administers FREE ACUPUNCTURE SESSIONS against PAIN & EMOTIONAL DISORDERS


Massage Therapies, Facial Treatments
& Pamper Packages Ibiza

Deep Tissue Massages, Swedish Massages, Sports Massages, Facial Treatments, Indian Head Massages, Manicures and Pedicures at your your holiday home, Villa or Yacht by fully qualified & trained Massage Specialists & Sports Massage Therapists !!
A unique experience of wellbeing for yourself, or to treat someone else.


- Tachyon Holistic Wellness Center -

Wellness Retreat on Ibiza island, where you can experience an inner journey to explore your own potential & raise your self-awareness in beautiful EMF save & Tachyonized surroundings. * View website for info Tachyon Workshops


professional MAKE-UP ARTIST in Ibiza

Professional MAKE-UP ARTIST Pauline te Riele visits you at your home to make you look beautiful and radiant.



Offers professional trainings, lifestyle seminars, rejuvenation retreats, panchakarma, and individual sessions to integrate ayurvedic principles in your daily life. Programs are centered in developing innate intelligence and learning through experience, lectures, session exchanges, and meditation.
It transmits the contents of traditional Ayurveda in a practical, heartful, and inspiring way, in Ibiza, Spain.
*AYURVEDA RITUALS FOR WOMEN with Komala Lyra in Shunya Retreat, Ibiza


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