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All about Car Rental in Ibiza

A rental car, or motorbike, is the best way to discover and explore all the best locations within the 41 km length and 20 km width of the beautiful Holiday island: Ibiza.

Car Rental Services in Ibiza are great, as you can have your rental car delivered at the airport, port,your holiday home or hotel, and start enjoying the best Ibiza Holidays ever!

To supply your specific rental car in Ibiza throughout the summer seasonor work related, there are many car rental companies available on the island, offering cars and motorbikes for every need, purpose & standard.
Also the funniest rental cars you will find here, ducks, real nostalgic fun cars, which also contribute to the drilling of clean water where it is needed.
Just choose the car that is equipped to your personal requirements in Ibiza, from various types of rental cars, such as: Automatic cars, Economic cars, Convertibles, Family cars, Low-cost cars, Luxury cars, Medium size cars, People carriers, Station Wagons, Transporters, Vans or the popular 4×4 Jeeps / Land Rovers.


Of course, you decide whether you want to rent a car, jeep or bike, for your entire holidays or for special trips only. Some car rental companies can also provide a chauffeur.

Affordable Rental Jeeps are available all year-round in Ibiza.
The Jeeps are perfectly equipped for OFF ROAD trips and heavy work on the dirt roads of Ibiza, and at the same time provide an excellent driving experience. All JEEPS WRANGLER are well equipped and perfectly maintained, to deliver the ultimate experience of freedom and adventure during your holidays in Ibiza.
For convenient, safe and economical transportation on the island of Ibiza, you can choose from various rental JEEPS.

Or you can opt for various motorbikes, all delivered at the port or airport, ranging from 50cc, 110cc, 125CC to 300CC motorcycles.


Drive your rental car, or motorbike, and enjoy stunning views on your way to some of Ibiza’s best spots to get a full impression of the immense beauty of the island and its differences in landscapes and vegetation.
Be amazed driving towards remote beaches, hidden coves, or stunning hilly countrysidelandscapes, impressive coastal roads and sea views, the salt flats of Salinas, enjoy the views from Mount Sa Talaya, or towards
 Es Vedraand experience some of the endless winding caminos – Ibiza dirt roads –.


If you decide to hire a car, jeep or bike during the high season in Ibiza,
we advise you to BOOK WELL IN ADVANCE !

After you have selected the desired period, you will see our car offer, from Jeep Wrangler to Fiat Panda, and make a direct booking.