FORMENTERA - beautiful, smaller sisterisland to IbizaFormentera is the smallest island of the Illes Pitiüses group or Pine-islands, and it is situated most southern. The Pine-islands include neighbouring: Eivissa = Ibiza island and Formentera,
It is part of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, belonging currently to the kingdom of Spain.

Formentera island is 23 km long and the island is situated 6 km south of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea.
The island covers only 84 square kilometres with a coastline of 69 km, and has a total of 8442 residents and then added around 3838 ‘foreigners’ who live here permanently.
Here and there the island is only 2 meters wide.

Formentera is home to several natural reservesFormentera comprises one municipality, also called Formentera, and the island has a total population of over 12280 (2019).
Sant Francesc de Formentera is the capital of the island. Formentera has beautiful, wide and white sandy beaches with crystal clear seawater, and the island is still today much quieter in Summer time than hectic and overcrowded sister island Ibiza.The beaches of Formentera are covered with Umbrella pine instead of palm trees such as Ibiza.

Formentera is home to several natural reserves Formentera island almost entirely was declared protected area by a precautionary measure

Formentera island almost entirely was declared protected area by a precautionary measureAlmost all of Formentera island was declared protected area by a precautionary measure several years ago. Its vegetation consists primarily of pine trees and of course the fincas here are also whitewashed.
Difference with the Ibizan houses is that the roofs on Formentera are build slantwise.

Platja de Ses Illetes and Platja de Llevant are 2 small islands on either side of Formentera where you can enjoy the beautiful crystal clear seawater and stunning panoramic sea views.
Of course, the waters surrounding this beautiful island are very popular with boat owners.
But then, you can also rent a boat, or join an Ibiza boat excursion to this beautiful neighboring island to be able to experience the beauty on all sides of this island.

FORMENTERA was inhabited since over 3.800 yearsThe history of Formentera learns that the island is already inhabited over 3,800 years. This was proved beyond doubt by the presence of the megalithic tomb of Ca Na Costa in the bathing resort of Es Pujols.Like Ibiza also Formentera was flooded by hippies in the sixties, whose influences are clearly noticeable.
In the center of the island lies the village San Ferran, where the world famous hippie café Fonda Pepe can be found. Similarly, the Blue Bar, a remote lounge bar and hippie statue where you can enjoy even more spectacular sunsets then on the well known beach terraces of Ibiza.But for the most spectacular sunsets on Formentera you go to Cala Saona that is embedded between rocks. On the east side of the island at Punta de la Ruda, a 192-meter-high cliff, the highest point of Formentera, on which one of the islands two lighthouses, El Pilar, is built.
FORMENTERA can only be reached by boat, from Ibiza– You can practise all sorts of sports here and it takes half an hour riding a bicycle, to tour around the island.
– By a rented motorbike or scooter one can course the roads without a single traffic-jam or having to wait for a traffic light, because there is not a single one present on this beautiful island.
A relief……….on Formentera you will not find so many cars.Formentera for many years has been accessible only by boat from Ibiza, and therefore always was the quietest of these 2 islands. In recent years, the established ferry lines, which now sail from the Spanish peninsula to Formentera island regularly, are responsible for the increased number of tourists.
Fortunately one could prevent the beautiful coastline from being fully build with large hotels.

FORMENTERA can only be reached by boat, from IbizaFormentera is best known for the fact that natural (nude) sunbathing is allowed on most of the the island beautiful beaches.

Formentera, true Mediterranean holiday paradise, offers you wonderful and relaxing holidays in a beautiful environment, great holiday accommodations and excellent restaurants and bars, as well as the famous nightclub Xueno.

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Daily ferry services from Ibiza to Formentera Between May 1st and October 31st you can enjoy Formentera Cruises, enabling you to experience Formentera’s natural reserves from the sea, before mooring in Formentera’s port.
Formentera ferry service for visitors that wish to spend a wonderful day a some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe and for travelers to their holiday destination Formentera.  ALL INFO >>   

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