IBIZA AIRPORT has currently 71 desks to check in and 17 boarding gates, and is extremely busy in tourist season (May till October) and while later on in the season it is fairly calm because over 85% of the total amount of visitors that travel to Ibiza Airport arrive by various airlines in tourist season.
Many, many arrivals and departures pass during summer.
Hotels and Rental companies take care of most of the transfers from Ibiza airport to various holiday destinations.
Visitors to Formentera also arrive in IBIZA AIRPORT by airplane before they have to travel to Ibiza’s neighboring island by boat.
IBIZA AIRPORT in general is the primary connection to the mainland for both Ibiza and Formentera island.

IBIZA AIRPORT welcomed millions of passengers and well over 61,768 flights passed the airport and they expect this number to increase further to 5,5 million in 2015, now already 95 % of ALL visitors to Ibiza come in by flights from all over the world. Expansion operations were completed to make the IBIZA AIRPORT suitable for the increasing number of tourists flying in.

IBIZA AIRPORT was founded during the Spanish Civil War, for temporarily military use but was kept in use later on as an emergency airport. The very first touristic flights took place in 1949 but unfortunately the airport was closed in 1951.
Increasing numbers of tourists over the next 5 years made clear Ibiza was in deep need of its airport, so it was adapted and modernized for incoming and departing aircrafts and passenger flights to and from Ibiza.

IBIZA AIRPORT now is a pretty, modern airport in Ibiza and more and more locals earn a living by working for, in or with IBIZA AIRPORT or one of the airlines that have their Airport Check-in.
Various airlines offer cheap tickets to Ibiza, so the tourists will keep flying to this beautiful island.
IBIZA AIRPORT is host to (duty free) shops, travel agencies, airlines and all kinds of services such as guides, car hire services, drivers, bus companies.

IBIZA AIRPORT PARKING: Total parking spaces: 496, including 12 for passengers with reduced mobility.
Prices and reservations: http://www.aena.es/en/ibiza-airport/parking-offer.html

IBIZA AIRPORT’S ARRIVALS AREA offers services such as:

– INFORMATION DESK tel: (902) 404 704
– PASSENGER SERVICE OFFICE (tel: (971) 809 207)
– other services: chapel, pharmacy, travel agencies, various tour operators

Disabled passengers – people with reduced mobility


IBIZA AIRPORT is easily accessible by disabled passengers and provides necessary adaptations such as 3 lifts, with digital numbering in Braille, differentiated surfaces on all pavements throughout the premises, adapted telephones and toilets. All public toilets in the terminal have disabled facilities, the same goes for the new parking block for hired cars.
IBIZA AIRPORT & AENA comply to the latest European Community regulations to provide assistance to disabled people or people with reduced mobility, when traveling by airplane.
* You can fill in a request form for assistance on www.aena.es or phone: +34 902 404 704

The airports car park has 12 special parking spaces, that are situated directly opposite the passenger terminal.
* Although in most European countries parking is free with an ‘I-card’, IBIZA AIRPORT charges the usual fee!

SPECIAL TAXIS can be hired from RADIO TAXI DE SAN JOSE, (tel: 971 398 340). This taxi service is available 24-7 each day

IBIZA AIRPORT is located just about 7 km Southwest of Ibiza-Town (Eivissa).

07820, Ibiza, Balearic Islands,Spain

Airport Code – IBZ

Tel: 902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00