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Our planet is facing an unprecedented global emergency.
Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making.

In Ibiza over the years we have been gaining awareness and acting in defense of land and sea, working to preserve the biodiversity which enriches our natural heritage and searching for a more sustainable model which will allow future generations to enjoy what we were given on a plate.

The problem is that the general reaction is slow, far too slow, whereas the current situation is extremely serious and urgent; this is why a new social reaction is required, both on a local and global level, to insist that governments and all their administrations radically and immediately change their political stance.

EXTINCTION REBELLION IBIZA published the following press release


To the media of Ibiza and Formentera

Dear Friends,

We hereby inform you that today, Wednesday, May 15th at 19 hrs, we are organizing a powerful performance in Vara de Rey to introduce the international movement Extinction Rebellion to Ibiza. You are of course invited to come. View: Event

XR Ibiza is comprised of people on the island who have decided to join the international non-violent rebellion against the ongoing species extinction and ecological and existential crisis.
The Extinction Rebellion movement UK was born thanks to the impetus of scientists in the UK and has spread around the world into a coordinated international network.
We are made up of self- organised XR groups within national territories which are coordinated on a state level and then with other countries via XR International.

Our message is clear: ALARM! We are facing a climate and ecological crisis, massive species extinction is already happening, and human extinction is a real risk.
We have very little time left to act. The passive negligence of our governments makes them complicit, it is thus our right and our duty to follow our consciences and rebel by peaceful civil disobedience.

Our demands

The Government must tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency.
It must reverse those policies which do not align with this stance and, working alongside the media, strive to communicate with the people.

The Government must enact binding and mandatory policies to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025, to halt biodiversity loss and at the same time reduce levels of consumption.
A Citizens’ Assembly must be created to supervise the change, this being the democracy most suitable for achieving the objectives.

Regarding the first demand, and following the example of the UK parliament among others, we urge Ibiza’s 5 town halls, the Consell, the Govern Balear and the Spanish state to declare with no further ado, a CLIMATE EMERGENCY, this is fundamental to enable the truth to be told and for society to gain more awareness and thus act accordingly.

For our part, we the people of Ibiza who oppose the misuse of our Earth and the threat to Humanity, are uniting our voices to deliver this Declaration of Rebellion against Extinction.
This declaration is supported by the international movement Extinction Rebellion as well as the international declaration of rebellion presented in Madrid on April 8th by Extinction Rebellion España.

For the launch of XR Ibiza and for this our first act we enjoy the collaboration and support of local artists, scientists and activists. Moreover, we already have the official adhesion of renowned groups such as Eivissa Diu No, Antipetrolífera, SOS Yoga Ibiza, Ibiza Conciencia, Cocreate Earth, Circular Thinking, Amics de la Terra, Gen-Gob, ProArtSo, Conciencia Plástica, Guardianes de la Posidonia, Juventud Ibicenca (Fridays For Future), Casita Verde, Ecoradio Ibiza, Alianza por el Agua en Ibiza y Formentera, Associació de Voluntaris d’Eivissa, CGT Ibiza y Formentera, Cooperativa Integral de Eivissa, Masterminds Earth, Ibiza Fènix, Ibiza Climate Save, Anonymous for the Voiceless Ibiza and Love From Ibiza.

We must react together as a society and understand that Ibiza is already being seriously affected by the irresponsible act of our civilization with its self- destructive tendencies.
The role played by the media is key which is why we expect on you to attend today and we count on your publishing and/or broadcasting from now on.

Many thanks and best regards from the team of XR Ibiza

Karen Killeen (669 236 093), Barbara Di Giacinto (628 409 628), Yuri Corvalan (657 341 171), Octavio Pertot (678 757 513)


Ibiza4all is fully supporting the Extinction Rebellion philosophy and will do anything to help the local and global movement to do what is necessary to bring about change !!!


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